Ms. Scissorhands

That moment you ended your first piece, I knew, you’re broken. She broke you into pieces.

You seem whole and fixed when you show that smile to everyone.

You seem so strong, so firm to your beliefs, yet we both know you’re struggling.

I’m not Superman. I’m not your knight in shining armor. I’m not an angel who can carry you under its wings.

I can’t save you from distress.


That moment you touched me, I knew, you’re broken, shattered, lonely…

You’re naked on paper yet you hide behind your words. Words so strong, so intimidating.

You’re not used to standing in front of us yet you fit the stage so well, burning with passion, stunning.

I’m not romanticizing anything. I won’t give you sugarcoated shit and honey. I can’t give you morphine to shut you off.

I can’t show you a shining, shimmering, splendid world.


That moment I saw your scars, I knew what I wanted.

Yes, they have healed as you move on, wake up every day just like yesterday, trying to keep the norms.

Then you told me the story how you got them. I wanted to hear some more but I knew it would just make those scars bleed again.


I tell you Ms. Scissorhands, this is what I’ve always been thinking of.

I want to take your hand, and walk with you in this miserable planet of misfortunes.

I want to wrap my arms around you just enough to keep you warm and let you breathe.

I want to cook soup in your kitchen after an overwhelming night of wines and spirits.

I want to keep track of your daily routine to make you feel, at least, that there’s someone who cares, that you, darling, are not alone,

that you don’t have to beg for bandaids anymore because I am here.


17 Things To Actually Try This Year (Instead Of Just Talking About Them)

Thought Catalog

1. Tell someone how you really feel, whether it’s good, bad, unpopular or ugly. Be polite, be tactical, but be honest. Stop discussing your true thoughts with everyone except the one person who needs to hear them.

2. Cut your hair the way you’ve always wanted to. Do that one thing you’ve always toyed with the idea of but were too nervous to try. At best, it will make you feel more “you” than ever before, and at worst, it will grow back anyway.

3. Get in a car and drive until you’re lost. Explore there.

4. Buy something from a store you always gawk at online. The balance to strike is finding something that is simultaneously of good quality but uniquely fits you and your lifestyle as well. Save up for it if you need to, but work toward that goal – reaching it will be unbelievably sweet.

5. Re-visit all of your old favorite…

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It’s not love at first sight.
It wasn’t even close to falling.
But from my peripherals, I know, you have this something.
Something so irresistable, it pulls me every time I capture a glimpse.
This something like cheese on pies.
Sprinkles on cupcakes
Cream on tarts
coats on sugar cones.

It’s not love at first sight.
You’re just one of those girls I can dismiss.
But every moment you pass by,
that sweet scent of spring draws me closer
like a moth to a candle flame.
the smell of morning dew
that wakes my innermost monster,
growling and howling,
wanting to escape.

It’s not love at first sight.
I don’t want to look at you that way.
It’s not love. I’m just fascinated.
Amused. Amazed. Mesmerized.

It’s not love at first sight.
But I’d love to see you each morning I wake up.
From sun rise to the break of dawn.